Challenge Coins


Dr. Glen presents to you the “Glen’s B.A. Hiking Group.”  We wanted to create the first brick and mortar location, for a hiking group, in the Las Vegas area.  This group will allow a meeting place, for those who love hiking, to meet up and find other hikers.  If you want to post a hike in our location, and are looking for others to join, please feel free to do so, in our office!!!!

Challenge Coin Back

Also, we will be posting upcoming challenges to earn free CHALLENGE COINS, for completing certain hikes.  Check back with our website to see where the next challenge will be.  Complete the hike; we will have an old Mortar shell case waiting for you, at the location.  Grab a business card out of the case.  Take a picture of yourself, with the case, bring the card back to our office, and claim your free CHALLENGE COIN (while supplies last)!!!!!

Challenge Coin Hiking Viking

Check back often, to see where your next challenge hike will be.  These coins will go fast.  No worries.  We will be doing this for as long as possible.  Repeat hikes will happen.