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If you live in the Las Vegas area, and you are looking for chiropractic services that offer more than just an alignment for pain treatment, East Desert Inn Wellness offers many services including stem cell therapy. You’ve probably heard of regenerative therapy but need more information. We are happy to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to ask our chiropractor any questions that you have.


Stem cell therapy or regenerative therapy has been a safe and well-practiced tradition for longer than many people realize. In fact, every organ in your body contains stem cells. Procedures that include skin grafts, heart transplants, bone marrow and even blood transfusions are based on regenerative therapy.

All of your tissues and cells in your body develop from a stem cell’s ability to develop into cells that are unique to that part of your body. Stem cells are produced to replace tissues and cells that have been injured, damaged, or afflicted by disease.

Stem Cell Therapy

Our chiropractic services utilize this in particular by regeneration of mesenchymal cells, which help regenerate muscles, tendons, and cartilage. When your body becomes stronger and healthier in one area, you also find that your overall health is stronger, which may help you recover from a variety of chronic health conditions.

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How Do Our Chiropractors Utilize Stem Cell Therapy?

This therapy is used by many chiropractors to heal cartilage, joints, tendons, and muscles to regenerate healthy new cells and help you overcome pain and other challenges that your body may not be able to do without regenerative therapy.

Seeking stem cell therapy from our chiropractic services is a non-invasive and non-surgical way to repair damaged areas in your body. Your recovery time is little to no recovery compared to invasive surgeries. Some problems that we commonly treat at our offices include:

Stem cells may be taken from bone marrow or fat through easy methods. After this process is completed then it is to be concentrated and injected into the knee with care.. In a previous study, patients experienced improvement in both knees despite that only one knee was treated.

Numerous studies have shown Stem Cell Therapy to be very effective at alleviating pain, MRI scans have confirmed successful procedures following stem cell treatment

Many physicians already have been turning to stem cell therapy to treat arthritis, as it is not considered typical practice it is considered as a practical alternative to treat patients needing progress and improvement.

Usually treatment for back pain could include anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy. If these measures don’t work, a slightly more effective and non evasive option is stem cell therapy injections.  With this new treatment more accessible many suffering from back pain could use stem cell therapy as a long term solution for various back pain conditions.

A stem cell transplant is a procedure that switches eroded cells in patients whose cells have been affected by cancer. Stem cell therapy typically  administered to treat leukemia and lymphoma, cancers that affect the blood and lymphatic system.

Although there is limited scientific evidence that stem cells are a effective treatment for autism. What we know is that a newborn’s umbilical cord blood contains stem cells that may offer improvements to the patient. In recent decades, stem cells have been used to treat certain blood diseases, cancers and immune disorders. Many believe that cord blood can treat autism, and some American parents have been taking their children abroad for treatments yet we are able to treat patients locally and in full compliance with FDA regulations.

Exogenous mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been determined to repair the structure and improve the use of the injured respiratory system in COPD patients.

Stem Cells may take over in place of  hip replacements in the future. This treatment may promote the growth of new cartilage on a scaffold shaped like the ball of a hip joint. This is a giant step towards utilizing stem cell therapy to repair a damaged joint, avoiding the need for extensive surgery.

In stem cell treatment, or regenerative medicine, studies show how stem cells may be used to renew diseased cells. These stem cells have the power to grow and develop into many various types of cells in the body. These new formed cells have the ability to help with many conditions.

The earlier you can treat joint pain with stem cell therapy, the better chance it has of working, making it less painful for the recipient, less inflamed, and a overall improvement.

With neuropathy, stem cell therapy is easier than in other conditions. Mesenchym stem cells  (certain types of potent stem cells) release neuroprotective and neuroregenerative signals, as a result when they are injected into the bloodstream they can begin to repair nerves and fix the damage created by the disease. Also, because these stem cells reproduce themselves, they will offer these benefits indefinitely over the patient’s life.

When introducing brand new stem cells  it can help repair the brain. New research reveals the potential of stem cell treatment in the replacement of damaged neurons to improve conditions.

What Are the Benefits to Stem Cell Therapy?

We mentioned earlier that it is a non-invasive method to heal your body. When your chiropractor uses stem cells and platelet-rich plasma into your body, you will heal faster. Many patients feel that their levels of pain decrease in just weeks and range of motion is improved.

Some patients feel good after one treatment while others may have to go for several treatments. Along with decreased pain, you can also expect less inflammation and swelling to many of your degenerative problems or injuries.

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